Friday, November 23, 2007

This is why I hate Radio Shack

I've been in a Radio Shack maybe five times in my entire life, and most of those trips have been within the last four years. There is one near my house, which makes for convenience when I need something like a cable for my TV or something and I don't want to trek up the road to Best Buy.

But I don't like Radio Shack. And I don't understand why or how Radio Shack survives.

I make it a rule to not shop the day after Thanksgiving. This is tough, being the huge bargain-hunter that I am. I enjoy any opportunity to find a good deal. But I'm not crazy enough to wait in line at 3am to save 10% on a Wii.

I don't even want a Wii.

But I ventured out of the house today to get gas. I figured that was safe enough.

It was.

On my way home, I decided to stop in Radio Shack to look at headphone options for my ipod. I've worn out the ones I currently have. I figured Radio Shack would not be too crowded or crazy today, and it's on the way home anyway.

As I walked in the door of Radio Shack, I remembered that there is just nothing appealing about this store. Why are all Radio Shacks the size of a shoe box?

I guess they were expecting a big crowd today, because in this shoebox-of-a-store there were seven employees. And there were exactly four customers in the store, which is actually the most customers I've ever seen in a Radio Shack at one time.

They have rearranged this particular store since the last time I was in it. You would think there aren't a lot of options when it comes to a store the size of a shoebox, but whatever. Maybe they were bored one day and they decided to move the ipod accessories where the cell phones used to be, and vice versa.

I found the headphones, then in the span of 60 seconds I was accosted by four of the six employees asking me if I needed help, assistance, or if I had any questions.

One after the other.

Seriously, all of you are within earshot of me saying no to each of you because none of us is more than two feet away from anyone else in the store.

If there is one thing I hate when I am shopping, it is for employees to come find me and ask how they can help me. Much less for ALL of the employees to take turns asking me if I need help. If I need help, I will come get you. Otherwise, leave me alone.

If I can't find what I am looking for in a tiny shoebox-of-a-store, then I probably need help that you can't give me. Because I'm an idiot.

The other thing about Radio Shack is that nothing is cheap. And there isn't a large selection.

It's just a peculiar store.

I hate Radio Shack.


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