Monday, November 05, 2007

It was dark.

So dark.

Before I left work.

I was frightened. And sad.

When it's dark before I get home, it's like I'm in a coccoon when I get home. It's 7:00 and it already feels like midnight by the time I get home. It makes me feel like I've been at work for like, 12 hours, to come out of the building into the dark.

I need to be able to gaze out upon my yard upon my arrival home. But in the dark the only thing out there is that evil cat lurking around. So, I certainly can't go out there.

I feel confined to my home.

Apparently the loss of Daylight Savings Time turns me into a shut-in.

I need Meals on Wheels. And someone to take out my trash.

I need to hibernate until the sun decides to stay out until a more reasonable hour.


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