Monday, November 12, 2007

My yard is a lyrical gangsta

I have found that I do not know the words to any songs, at all, in the whole world, ever.

But when I'm out in the yard doing yardwork with my ipod, I've found that genius lyrics will leak into my brain while listening to the same songs I always listen to on a normal day when words don't really get through my thick skull.

I think when I'm in the yard, my brain finally lets go of everything else and I'm free to let stuff sink in that I really need to hear. I stay in my head too much. I get stuck in there sometimes.

Suzie McNeil sang this to me in the backyard the other day while I was wrestling with a pile of leaves:

Been living my life with a weight on my shoulder
Growing older but not wiser
Weeds are showin’ through the cracks in my lonely heart
There is only so far you can go in your head
Your life hits a wall when your soul isn’t fed

I also dance a lot in the yard, but that's just an extra perk of believing that no one can see me in my backyard. I believe that to be true.

But the dancing doesn't really teach me anything. It's just fun.


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