Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Bra Day

It's not like, a national holiday or anything. It was just, well, yesterday.

And yeah, I'm not embarrassed to talk about bras on my blog, y'all. Bras are a part of life.

Now, for some people, bras are a fun part of life. There's like, a million kinds of bras in the world. I'm sure that's fun.

But, for those of us in the world who are girth-challenged in the bra department, there are like, four bras in the whole world.

So, buying new bras is not so much fun as it is a necessary chore. I wear out the four bras I have. I go replace them with the exact same bras.

New Bra Day.

I'd much rather buy something fun. Bringing home a bag of the exact same bras that I just threw out is not all that fun. It's preyy much just running an errand. There's no "shopping" involved. You just go to the bra aisle and hope they are on sale this year.

It's kinda like buying white socks. Or toilet paper. Or new pens. You know, things you need but aren't exciting and you find white socks or toilet paper or pens that you like, but then again there aren't really that many varieties of white socks or toilet papers or pens.

So you just get the same thing when you run out of or wear out the last batch.

New Bra Day.

Maybe if it actually WAS a national holiday, with like, a cake, or fireworks, or at least a new color every year, it would be fun after all.


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