Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dreams of the Tyrant

On a normal day, I have very vivid dreams. More at night, really. When I sleep. Not so much during the day. So I guess I should say that on a normal night, I have very vivid dreams.

I have a crazy vivid imagination, you know, at all times of the day. I'm very visual. I remember things as scenes more so than events or words. So I guess that translates into my head when I'm asleep.

It's like a movie in my head every night.

So on a normal night, I have pretty crazy dreams. But when I'm stressed, my dreams go totally wheels off. And when I'm sick, my brain cranks things up even a few more notches.

Lately I've been pretty stressed and whatnot, and then this week I've been afflicted with the funk. So, my dreams this week have been pretty much funktastically wheels off.

When I'm especially tired, my brain seems to soak up random things around me throughout my day. Then those things will reappear bizarrely in my dreams. Like, Cupcake got a cup of ice a couple of weekends ago, and then I dreamed that there were lots of cups of ice just like it . . . everywhere.

Sometimes the dreams get so crazy that I've decided to start Googling them to find out what they mean.

The other night, I dreamed that I was trapped on a boat with a bunch of people and we were being eaten and chased by zombies. It was like a bad teen slasher flick in my head.That one was probably directly related to watching a zombie movie the night before. I don't think I really need to Google that one.

For several nights in a row, I dreamed that I lost either my purse or my wallet or that they were stolen. In one dream, I left my wallet on a bus, which is random because I never ride buses. Upon Googling this, I learned that it either had something to do with stress, or something about money, or apprehension about changes.

Whatever. All I know is that on top of all of my other current stress, I'm now paranoid about losing my purse. I'm constantly making sure it's nearby.

Last night's dream was just all kinds of wheels off. All kinds of craziness was going on, but all I really remember is that at one point, I was peeling onions with Britney Spears.

Um . . . peeling onions with Britney Spears, y'all.


At least it was old fantastic Britney when she was awesome, and not new white-trash Britney who is less awesome and just mostly sad.

Googling "peeling onions with Britney Spears" yields nothing productive. But peeling onions in dreams means something about unraveling the mystery.

So, I can only assume that I am meant to be the one to figure out the mystery that is Britney Spears.

I will get right on that.


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