Monday, August 20, 2007

No one called me indignant today.

It was nice.

Also, no one yelled at me in a fake polite tone today.

No one belittled me or talked to me like I'm a 2-yr-old today.

No one started at the beginning of time or talked in convaluted circles to explain at great length why I am wrong yet again.

No one accused me of substandard work, or of being okay with substandard work today.

No one called me into the conference room to lecture me behind closed doors about something I could never quite figure out.

No one pulled a chair up to my desk and fake-apologized to me with a secret passive-aggressive agenda to blame more stuff on me . . . in front of other people.

I did not receive four e-mails criticizing a word choice in one of my e-mails today.

I did not receive criticism today that was just for the sake of criticizing . . . me.

Today, I asked questions. And I got answers . . . today.

Today, there was peace in my workspace.

It is nice to work in an environment where truth comes to light, where the peons can find support amongst the non-peons, and . . . where I can make up a ridiculous excuse for Cupcake's cupcakes . . . and I get them.

Lemon goo.



meghant said...

did you get a new job?

The Cynical Tyrant said...


same job, new day. but one less other person to Stress us all out.