Sunday, August 26, 2007

I may have reached my movie threshold

Starz was free on my tv this weekend, y'all. And it turns out that there are like, 10 Starz channels.

And you should all know by now that I really, really enjoy free stuff.

So, I've had my tv on ALL of the Starz channels pretty much nonstop all weekend. You know, so that I don't miss any of the free-ness. And the movies I couldn't catch while the tv was on, I recorded to my DVR.

It's possible that I've caught some or all of at least 97 movies this weekend.

And 97 might be the number of movies that pushes me over my limit of reasonable amounts of consumable media for a 48-hour stretch of time.

I don't really have any idea what I've watched. They all kind of run together into one big, long movie.

Right now I'm watching Buffy get eaten by The Grudge 2. That creepy little boy is far less scary than he was the first time, but I guess he's still angry about something. Now I just want him to put some clothes on and stop making that ridiculous noise.

Enough, already.

In other news, who knew that Marky Mark played for the Philadelphia Eagles? He's so multi-talented.


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