Sunday, August 12, 2007

I have the world's tannest rabbit.

Yesterday, I noticed that I have a brand new tiny rabbit in the yard.

Well, either it's a new baby rabbit, or the big one shrunk. It has rained a lot. Maybe rabbits shrink when they get wet.

Anyway, he caught my eye yesterday because he kept hanging out by my shed in the backyard. He seemed fine. But then later in the day, he wasn't moving much. He was all sprawled out in the shade and the dirt in front of the shed.

I got worried. It was really hot outside and I feared roasted rabbit.

I went out to check on him. I thought maybe he was dead and I would have to figure out what to do with a tiny dead rabbit. I only have experience with large dead squirrels . . . in the house. Not so much with tiny dead rabbits outside of the house.

I walked slowly towards him and he saw me. He jumped up and scurried underneath the shed.

He was fine.

I saw him again today, doing the same exact thing. Sprawled out with his white belly to the sun.

I figured out that he's . . . tanning.

I have a tiny metrosexual rabbit in my yard.


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