Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A new frog

I have a new frog. He has taken up residence near my water spigot.

I know he is a new frog because he has all four of his legs . . . unlike the frog I unintentionally weed-whacked a couple of years ago.

He was down to three legs. And he didn't like me very much.

I plan not to weed-whack this new frog. I am trying to make friends with him. And to go over the rules with him. The rules are very important.

Rule #1: If you take a vacation over to the air-conditioner, tell me before I get out the weed-whacker. If I know where you are, I have a better chance of not whacking you.

That's pretty much the only rule.

Part of me wants to name him. You know, to help our friendship. But part of me doesn't want that connection with him. I'm not sure I can handle losing another frog friend.

Perhaps I will just call him Legs.


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