Friday, March 16, 2007

No, Justin. I'M bringing sexy back....


I've added a newy sexy edge to my yardwork. It's a little something that is both functional AND sexy.

It's a dust mask. To keep out the dust.

It's really dusty outside lately, and with all the weeds and leftover leaf shrapnel, mowing just sends it all up into the air in front of my face, chopped into little nostril-size particles. I breathe them right in. And that's not good. Not good at all.

Really, it could be a useful thing at other times. Not that I wear it at times other than when I'm doing yardwork.

Ok, I'm wearing it right now while I type this blog.

Seriously, you never know when there might be blog dust that suddenly kicks up and swirls around my head in tiny nostril-size particles.

But otherwise, I'm pretty much only bringing sexy back to yardwork. And blogging.


1 comment:

Gmama said...

Yeah, Justin ain't got nuthin' on you.