Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm a cover band

I got home late from work tonight, so now I'm zoning out and watching my DVR-ed American Idol.

(On an aside, if ANY of you vote for Sanjaya this week, you are no longer my friend. And trust me, you don't want to live without my friendship. It's devastating.)

I'm kinda half paying attention to the show, but I've fixated on something. They mentioned on the show tonight that someone sang one of the songs, then Tom Jones covered it.

So does that ALWAYS mean that if you are not the first person to sing a song, anyone who sings it after the first person sings it is covering the song?

Does that mean that if I'm singing a song in the shower or in the car, that I am covering that song? And then if I'm so awesome at my car-singing and I take it to the next level and I record the song and I begin to sell millions of CDs, does that make me a cover band?

It's an intriguing question, I know.

(Oh no. Sanjaya seems to be flailing about on stage.... OH NO! That little girl is crying! They keep showing her! She seems frightened! Stop it, Sanjaya! You are scaring women and children....)

Anyway, then what if my CD that sells milions of CDs is BETTER than the original? Am I still covering the original if my version is more awesome than the first person who sung it? What if it was just really bad the first time and no one had even heard the song until I discovered it and made it awesome. Am I forever stuck with being the one who covered the song that wasn't awesome until I made it awesome?

(Wait... that little crying girls seems to LIKE Sanjaya. She's a FAN???? Dang. She's Sanhjaya's ONE fan and she's the one who is going to vote for him this week. And now that millions of people have seen that Crying Girl is Sanjaya's fan, they will all vote for him, too.)

That little girl is NOT my friend and if Sanjaya makes it through another week, I blame her.

My singing in the car is awesome, by the way. I really am a cover band.



Clare said...

I feel I should apologize for this Sanjaya person, because I have not watched American Idol at all this season, and therefore I am screwing up the power of The Alliance. Perhaps, although I've never heard him sing and in fact couldn't pick him out of a lineup, I'll post something about Sanjaya needing to go home on my blog just to see if The Alliance can still work even when I'm tuned out.

The Cynical Tyrant said...

CLARE! The power of the Alliance needs you!

Think worst-of-the-worst ever contestants, and that's what you need to know about Sanjaya.

frakesbewithyou said...

I was totally confused by this crying calamity. When I was watching the show I thought she was crying because she was scared. Her innocent little face looked like she was in pain. My first reaction was "why don't her Mother take her outside until it is over?"

But, now I am finding out it was cries of joy and admiration....My Bad!?!

As far as Idol goes....I do not like all of the talent on the show..(including, but not limited to, Sanjaya!) But I do vote for the ones I like and hope they make it through!

Everyone has their own tastes...and obviously enough people enjoy his performance to keep him in the game. Good for you Sanjaya! But I believe Ms. Doolittle will sweep you in the finals!