Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The bad thing about bad movies

They never end.

I've got a DVR full of bad movies that I watch whenever I have free time. Then I delete them. They aren't worth watching more than once, and barely even once, for that matter.

But the thing I've noticed about bad movies is that they NEVER END. They go on forever.

It's amazing to me that they (whoever these makers of bad movies are) can stretch a bad plot, a bad subplot, bad outfits, bad actors, and bad directing into these really, really long movies.

They should last, at most, 27 minutes. It shouldn't take that long to tell a bad story.

But no, they go on for like, 2 hours. They're terrible. From Minute 1 all the way through to Minute 120+.

Not that it keeps me from watching them. Nope.

At least with a good movie with good actors and good directing, if it's long it makes more sense to spend more amount of time on something that is good.

Not that I will stop spending time on bad movies. Nope.


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