Sunday, March 04, 2007

Grass Watch 2007

Much like Storm Watch 2007, or Ice Blast 2007, but with grass.

Last year, due to drought conditions and some other mysterious reasons unknown to mankind, the lawn in my backyard decided not to appear or be lovely as it once was. It was mostly dirt and weeds with a few patches of grass here and there.

Since we weren't allowed to water much, there was really nothing I could do to help it. I just had to watch my dirt patch be ugly and non-grassy. This was sad for me. I usually have a beautiful backyard full of healthy green St. Augustine grass.

This weekend, I worked a bit in the yard. I mowed it for the first time of the season, watered, then put down pre-emergent fertilizer. At the moment, the yard is approximately 75 percent weeds, with a side of dirt patches. But at least now all of the weeds are cut down to even height, and the fertilizer can reach the ground to begin working its magic.

And as I examined the yard closely today, I am happy to announce that I'm already seeing sprouts of grasslings in places where there wasn't grass last year. Plus the grass that did come in last year is still there and looks like it will be turning green over the next few weeks, as it should.

So, today begins Grass Watch 2007. Hopefully the yard will return this year in full force.

I will be monitoring it closely, providing regular updates on this official Grass Watch 2007 blog, and hoping that I don't have to buy brand new grass to have a yard again.


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