Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Musings from Bed 1 of 2

Because I'm in a hotel room with two beds again.

(Did I mention that my room is on the first floor, directly across from the elevator, with the parking lot outside my window, followed by a neighborhood backing up to the parking lot? Literally everyone going to or from their room passes my door, and I can hear everyone parking in the lot or partying in the neighborhood. This does not bode well for C.T.'s sleep tonight, and will make for a tired, crabby C.T. with clients all day tomorrow.)

It's supposed to be spring break here in Florda. Our flight was completely booked this morning, and they told us that it was because of spring break. But our plane was full of old people and one woman who was claustrophobic. She insisted on being the last person on the plane, and then her seat was in the very back of the plane. Does it make sense to sit in the back of a long cylindrical tube where groups of people stand over you waiting for the bathroom if small spaces and crowds are not your favorite thing?


Dinner tonight was at a restaurant called Roadhouse. I joked in the car on the way that maybe this would be the kind of place where we could throw peanut shells on the floor.

When we walked in, there were buckets of peanuts on the table. HA! I totally called it....

And now to my biggest musing of the evening.... SANJAYA.

I'm sitting on Bed 1 of 2 trying to get some work done before LOST, and I almost completely forgot about American Idol results show tonight. I frantically flipped through the channels of my hotel tv hoping I hadn't missed getting to see Sanjaya kicked off of the show.

BUT clearly, more people than just that little crying girl last night has lots of little crying girl friends who all voted for Sanjaya (just as I predicted) because not only was he NOT voted off of the show, HE WASN'T EVEN IN THE BOTTOM THREE.

There are many things wrong with this, people.

1. Clearly most of the world is okay living without my friendship. So, you people who voted for Sanjaya (just like I threatened last night) you are not my friend.

2. Sanjaya has now made it into the Top 10, which means he will be on the American Idol tour, the CD, and most likely we will never, ever truly be rid of him.

3. Because you people kept Sanjaya on the show AND out of the bottom three contestants, Chris Richardson almost got kicked off of the show tonight. NOT OKAY. I've come to like that guy. And I am not willing to trade him for Sanjaya.

The good news is that due to blogging about Sanjaya last night, my blog traffic TRIPLED today with people searching for "sanjaya's crying girl" and the like.

If you are coming to my blog as a fan of Sanjaya, get off now. You are not my friend.



Gmama said...

Dude, something is seriously wrong with the world. What the hell (thanks tyrant's grandma) is wrong with people? Seriously. Arggghhh.

Anonymous said...

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Clare said...

OK, sorry, this is totally my fault. In all my writing about trying to mouse-proof my apartment (plus the fact that I was suffering from a cold that peaked yesterday with a 101-degree fever), I totally forgot about my promise to help out with the Sanjaya problem. So, to make it up to you and the rest of America, next week I will not only blog about Sanjaya, but I will actually watch American Idol for the first time all season. Because honestly, now I'm a little curious to see this spectacle for myself.