Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I ate something different for lunch today for the first time in at least three months. I've been on a steady soup diet. But not, like, healthy soup. More like, hearty soup to feed a big appetite. Which I have. All the time.

And folks, it's time I admit that I just may have a bit of junk in my trunk.

For those of you who know me, it's nothing drastic and I am not being all "I'm really skinny and I've put on a pound and now it's time to diet because I'm hideous." It's noticeable only to me. Spring is here, which means swimsuit weather is upon us. And I am in NO kind of shape to be wearing a swimsuit. I haven't made an effort to work out or exercise in, like, 108 years. Super, super lazy.

So, today I ate a salad for lunch. I didn't plan on it. I planned on my usual hearty soup. But I recently watched the episode of Seinfeld when Elaine gets a big salad, and I had big salad in my head today. So today I ended up with a big salad. I was pretty excited. I loves me a good salad.

And then by lunch-thirty I was STARVING. So I ate my afternoon snack, which was fruit.

And by snack-thirty, I was STARVING. I don't do well with less food than I'm used to in any given day.

Anyway, today I also thought through an exercise and diet program that I can implement right away, until I get motivated to get on my bike and lift my weights (and actually exercise) again.

1. Flex everything, all of my muscles, all of the time. Even when walking around or sitting at my desk.
2. Make frequent trips to the bathroom or to other people's desks around the office, and walk briskly. All the time.
3. Pull weeds in the yard. I'm not sure what muscles this works, but I do know that it hurts a lot the next day.
4. Don't eat hearty soup (or so many of those tasty little powdery white donuts) everyday.
5. Pick up things a lot. Whether the things are heavy or not.
6. Get lots of sleep. So I'm rested up for all of this exercise program.

That should do it.


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