Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The bad thing about the Top 12 American Idol shows

We only get to get rid of ONE contestant each week from now on.

First, Paula. I ALWAYS know when a contestant forgets the words. It's completely obvious. Even when I don't know what the words should be, it's easy to tell when they forget them.

If it were up to me (and I'm not finished watching the show yet, but I couldn't wait until the end to make this point), these THREE people should be gone next week:

Brandon (aka I Went First and I Forgot the Words)

Haley (aka I Went Later and I Forgot the Words, too)

Sanjaya (aka I Should Have Been Kicked Off Three Weeks Ago and if I Make it One More Week the Cynical Tyrant Might Get Violent)

(I tried to upload obnoxious performance photos of each of them for dramatic and humorous affect, but Blogger won't cooperate. You should definitely be more entertained by this post than you are right now.)

Anyway, if Sanjaya makes it through to next week, I've lost all faith in the voting people of America.


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Gmama said...

Just watched the results show - it's total crap. I have lost all faith in the voting people of America.