Friday, March 09, 2007

I had the flu for like, 5 minutes today

I'm pretty sure that's what it was.

I was sitting at my desk after lunch, and I suddenly felt very nauseous. Then I was HOT. Forehead sweating. Then my ARMPITS sweating.

My mouth and throat went dry, so I sucked down a bottle of water really fast.

My head hurt. And I kept feeling more and more nauseous.

THEN I got really irritable. Just with myself. No one was around at the moment. But I think if the phone had rung at that moment I possibly would have ripped it out of the wall to shut it up.

You know, instead of answering it.

A few minutes passed and I wasn't feeling any better. I really thought THIS could be the moment I had always dreaded: the moment when I finally puked at work.

I kept sitting very still. Still sweating. I thought that if I moved towards the bathroom, that might be what makes me explode. So I HOPED (and prayed a little) that I could just sit very, very still and stare the calendar on my wall and just WISH it all away.

I sat. I tried to type something to take my mind off of it, but somehow that made me sweat more.

I sat some more.

And then after awhile, nothing happened. I stopped sweating.

It could have been a really random panic attack. Weird.

But I'm pretty sure I had a flu for like, 5 minutes. And then my flu shot kicked in and saved my life.


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