Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Here's my day so far

First, I woke up sicker than I was when I stayed home from work on Monday.

Second, I emailed in sick to work. The genius of this method is that I don't have to worry if I sound sick enough on a voicemail when calling in sick.

Third, I went back to bed until noon-thirty.

Fourth, I got up, drank coffee, and checked work email.

Fifth, I went to Target to buy food and more drugs for whatever might be wrong with me (illness-wise).

Sixth, I came home and took all of the drugs that the drugs told me I could take. I can't take regular cold medicine. I have to stick to the homeopathic stuff. So right now I am chock full of several varieties of Zicam and Airborne. It seems to be helping. The Zicam decongestant actually did work almost instantly, just like the box said. Genius.

Seventh, I made a grilled cheese sandwich. Yum. Why? Because I like cheese. Although I couldn't really taste it, to tell you the truth...

Now I am watching the E! True Hollywood Story of Paula Abdul. I never realized that she rarely made sense when she talked even back in the 90s. Man, she was awesome in the 90s. And she had awesome hair. She should make another CD. I would totally buy it.

Even when I don't have energy to do stuff, I hate having to be home and not doing stuff when I should be at work. I didn't rest enough on Monday. I ended up working most of the day from home. And then I went back to work yesterday.

If only I had taken the time to watch Paula Abdul's THS on Monday, maybe I would be healed today.

Ooh, Paula's story is getting into her American Idol controversy during Season 2. Gotta go!


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