Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yard, thou hast redeemed thyself

I had a great day in the yard today.

I trimmed up the fig tree.

It was cool outside. The weather was fantastic.

And yes, while I trimmed, I danced in the yard to the tunes on my ipod.


The old Asian man behind and to the left of my house goes out in his bathrobe and throws whole pieces of bread into his yard for the birds. And the lady behind me to the right put up a 12-foot privacy fence around ONLY her patio, you know, for privacy while she is in the hot tub on her patio. Plus, her yard used to be a sand volleyball court, so there is no grass, and there is still a volleyball stuck in one of her trees.

So, I can dance in my backyard and I am by far NOT the weirdest person in my neighborhood.


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two crows said...

just dropped by to say I love your blog. :)
a GREAT place to get away from the world.
so, am puttin you on my non-political blogroll.

thanx for a fun site and
keep on truckin--