Friday, October 12, 2007


I think there were several points in my day today when I just sat at my desk staring at the piles of To-Dos all over it and at the e-mails coming in at about one per minute on my computer screen . . . and I just couldn't form words or complete thoughts.

Immobilized by the piles.

I have bailed on dinner plans tonight, even though I didn't completely commit to them (if you are reading this and I was supposed to be at dinner with you, this is my way of telling you I'm not going to make it). However, I have no idea what I'm going to eat for dinner tonight, and I have no energy to cook, or go fetch. Hopefully the new fridge has a secret dinner surprise for me that I will discover in a few minutes.

I'm sitting on my bamboo couch outside on my patio . . . for probably the fourth time since I bought it at the beginning of the summer. I love the bamboo couch. This is a great spot. I should have spent more time here this summer. It's nice and cool outside again so I'm quite enjoying myself right here on the bamboo.

I think I have just decided to name her Bambi. The bamboo couch.

I'm listening to my water sprinklers. I LOVE the sound of my water sprinklers. I also love to watch the water go back and forth. It soothes me . . . even though I get a little bit frustrated with the water sprinkler when the back and forth trail that it leaves is not exactly even every single time.

I sometimes think I am a little bit autistic.

I know I am getting eaten by mosquitoes right now. But the sound of the sprinkler has me so calm right now . . . for the first time all week . . . that I don't care.

I might care if I end up having West Nile Virus tomorrow.

Maybe I should go inside and look into what my fridge might hold for dinner now.

Crap, the sprinkler just shut off.


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