Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm a little scared of The Bee Movie.

Because I'm allergic to bees.

I spend my whole life staying away from bees because they are evil and sting-y. So what does this teach people who are allergic, or small children who don't know any better? That cartoon bees are okay, therefore real bees should be played with, too?

That real bees are cute and cuddly and funny, just like the cartoon bees?

It's going to desensitize the whole world to the dangers of bees.

Next will come hornets and wasps and yellow jackets. And as we all know from that B movie I watched about the crazy wasps, you can NEVER trust a wasp. But people will think that you can.

You never know when a wasp will somehow turn into a toxic, psycho, vengeful wasp that gathers it's friends to eat your face off.

I don't like this whole cartoony Bee movie one bit.

Not one bit at all.

The only good bee is The Singing Bee. Mark my words.


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