Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some sort of white-trash pink raccoon thing

It appears that I've got some sort of white-trash pink raccoon thing going on here.

It's a convergence of all of the best kinds of sunburns, acquired at the football game today.

My forearms are sunburned, but only up to where the bottom of my shirtsleeves ended, and my left arm more so than the right arm, since the sun beat down on us from our lefts the whole time. Very farmer-white-trash-esque.

My left ear is toast.

My sunglasses, while keeping the sun out of my eyeballs, also kept the sun from AROUND my eyeballs, leaving the rest of my face burned in a raccoon-esque manner. Again, the left side of my face being far more burned than the right.

And, my neck. The left side. Is, well, just really, really, ridiculously red.

Oh, and the part on the middle of my head up there all up in my hair is pink-ish.

I intend to even things out tomorrow at the Fair.

This should all peel nicely in two to three days.


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