Sunday, September 30, 2007

I don't want to multi-task all the time.

I've discovered that I can't sit and watch a movie or TV anymore without doing something while watching.

I used to be the one who had no trouble turning my brain off while turning on the TV. I could sit and watch without needing to also do something to entertain myself. But now I have to be doing something while watching. Googling, cleaning, working, painting my toenails, painting other stuff, folding laundry. Whatever.

What does this mean?

Maybe my standard operating procedure has become multi-tasking because I have a lot to do while still trying to cram in as much TV as possible.

Even now I am blogging while watching a movie.

I seem to now be satisfied with getthing the gist of a show or movie, rather than needing to pay attention to every little detail. Of course, sometimes that results in me missing key parts of the story, which makes me confused later on in the movie.

And then, well, I just start Googling to figure out what I missed. Or to IMDB random stuff about the movie.

I miss when I didn't have to have constant activity. I like not thinking or doing sometimes.


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