Thursday, September 13, 2007


Today I went to the funeral/memorial service of a great man. I've been to more than a few funerals in my day, but this one was probably the biggest production I've ever been to for a memorial service. We had to get there an hour and a half early to make sure we would have a seat.

But even with the all of the production, and the massive church organ, and the full choir, and all of the well-knowns in attendance and who spoke, there was one simple part that I liked the best.


At the end of the service, the casket was rolled out of the church, and 30 or so pallbearers and the family walked out in procession with it. Leading the way was a single bagpipe player. The church was completely silent, except for the bagpipes.

It was surprisingly powerful.

I decided today that I want bagpipes at my funeral. Someone remember that when the time comes. I won't be there to remind you.


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