Thursday, September 20, 2007

I just had the best tacos I've ever had in my life.

Why, you might ask, are they the best tacos I've ever had in my life?

Because on my way home from work tonight, I went to the grocery store, where I bought everything in the store that was either cold and/or frozen, I brought it home, I arranged everything into my new fridge and freezer, and then I pulled back out of the fridge all of the ingredients to make tacos.

And then I made tacos. And then I ate them. And they were amazing.

And then I put the leftovers back into my fridge.

And I washed all of it down with crushed ice cubes and a Coke. This breaks my no caffeine after 4:00 rule, but it was a special occasion.

And in a few minutes, I will have ice cream. In a fun, colorful cone.

This scenario is amazing, in and of itself. But it also marks a turning point in my life. You see, I HATE grocery shopping. Mostly because I HATE grocery stores.

Case in point, as I grocery shopped tonight, a man stood in the middle of an aisle in the grocery store, yelling at the top of his lungs, "CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE NEEDED ON AISLE EIGHT!! I SAID . . . I NEED CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE ON AISLE EIGHT!!!"

As you can imagine, many employees came running to provide this nice man with the assistance he so politely asked for.

Actually, he was still yelling when I left the store.

Anyway, back to my point. Which is . . . I was so excited to go grocery shopping tonight that I sat down and made an actual long list of groceries last night. Then today at work was like the longest day ever. And then I left work on time for the first time in awhile because I was so excited to get to the grocery store.

I think this whole emergency refrigerator purchase has taken me one step closer to actual grown-uphood. Which I continue to fight with every ounce of strength I have in my 30-something body, day in and day out.

But even better than being excited about the event of grocery shopping, I was even more excited to get everything home and arrange it into the fridge.

It was the most fun I've had all week. And that's because I'm just a little bit lame.

One thing I will never do again is stock up on frozen broccoli. I don't stock up on it on purpose, but I tend to forget I already have some and then when I see it at the store, I just pick up another bag and stuff it in the freezer. Pretty soon there are four or five bags of broccoli in there, and no room for anything else.

If you never learn anything from me but one thing, learn this: Once frozen broccoli starts to get even a little bit unfrozen, it is a smell that takes a very long time to go away. Imagine a few bags of that, completely thawed out, all in one place.

It is a horror I will not soon forget.

It's time for ice cream now.


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