Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm buggin' out! I'm buggin' OUT!

And . . . scene. From the now-Emmy-award-winning show 30 Rock from the episode when Tracy goes on Conan.

Ok, this whole not-having-a-working-fridge thing has finally gotten to me.

I don't have ice.

I don't have cold beverages.

I have to plan ahead for food since I have to go out and get one meal at a time, and I've already exhausted all of the three places I care to get take-out from. I just don't eat out that much. I don't do fast food that often. I'm kinda over it.

I'll even go so far as to say . . . I miss cooking. There, I said it. Sure, I pretty much just heat stuff up, or make pasta, or a casserole. But it's the freedom of having that option that I miss. I want to be able to go to my fridge at any time and find leftovers.

I need cheese. I have no cheese. More important, I have no string cheese.

I have no ice cream.

I have no cream. For my coffee. I couldn't even make my fantastic coffee this morning for my Sunday morning coffee and newspaper ritual. I had to go to Starbucks. AGAIN.

I'm over Starbucks. And I'm over paying $4 for a latte that doesn't taste as good as my Costa Rican coffee.

I miss Big Salad. That's all I want for the next couple of days is salad. But I have no place to keep salad.

I don't have fig preserves. I lost an almost full jar of figs due to the warmness of the fridge. This pains me greatly.

I have no salsa for my chips. I just ate plain corn chips, for lack of anything else in the house to eat. I also drank warm green tea.

I can't make anything that requires anything on or in it. I can make toast, as long as I'm cool with eating it plain and washing it down with some tepid water.

I have no juice.

I have no Hot Pockets.

4 more days until I have a cold fridge that I can put food in.




Christy said...

No cold drinks? I would have been seriously tempted to go to Walmart and pick up a mini-fridge. Could always be a jerk and return it later or keep it near the computer for storing drinks once the grown-up fridge arrives.

The Cynical Tyrant said...

i spent all my money on the grown-up fridge. small interim fridge is not in the budget.