Sunday, September 09, 2007

I have to eat everything in my fridge . . . tonight.

Turns out that my hope and dream to make my old lady fridge last longer than, um, today is not going to happen. It decided to slowly start not working anymore . . . yesterday.

According to the date stamped on the inside of the refrigerator, it is from 1990. So, almost 18 years old.

I made two trips to Sears today to research all of the fridges in the world. It has thoroughly stressed me out. I did not plan to buy a fridge, um, tomorrow.

I got so anxious about it today that I had to just walk away and leave it until tomorrow. It's not so easy as just going to get a new fridge. Turns out that there are very few fridges that will fit the small space in my house. I thought I had it all figured out and was about to make the purchase when the sales guy asked me if the height of the one I was looking at would fit in my kitchen.

Aren't all refrigerators the same height???

No. They are not. My kitchen can only handle a 66 incher. Most refrigerators are 69. I had to go home and measure AGAIN, and then I just gave up and had a warm Coke.

Stupid kitchen.

And I just bought a dryer last month.

And then I had a nail in my tire today, so I had to get that fixed.

And then I got badly bruised in a freak office furniture moving incident yesterday.

And today . . . I broke a nail. On my hand. (I don't care if the nail that was in my tire was broken)

After I eat my first round of all of the food in my fridge, I have to go buy ice to see if I can save the rest of it until I can get a new fridge in here.

I just cleaned that thing a few weeks ago. And this is the thanks I get.

Nothing else can break for at least a year. That's the new rule.


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