Wednesday, September 19, 2007

BEHOLD . . . The Refrigerator

It. Has. Arrived.

The Fridge is here. Behold it's greatness.

It is SO great, in fact, that it was impossible to capture well on film. The blur is its brilliance.

(Please ignore the kitchen surrounding the new fridge. The beauty of the new fridge now highlights the non-beauty of the surrounding kitchen. But I will have to wait awhile before I can buy a new kitchen to go with my new fridge. . . )

Also, behold the first two inhabitants of The Fridge.

Two of the most important things in the world: Green Tea and Coke.

Y'all, the fridge is already cold. It's only been here since 2:00. And the delivery guy said that after 12 hours, it starts making ice. Which means sometime during the middle of the night, I should be awakened by the sounds of ice cubes. . . a sound I haven't heard in months.

If you need me tonight, I will be making the longest grocery list EVER so I can put some food all up in my new fridge tomorrow.

If you would like to come meet the new fridge, visitors are welcome. If you would like to bring something to put in the fridge, that is also welcome.

It's been a big few days for The Tyrant, y'all. It's kinda like she won the lottery AND an Oscar this week. And it's not just all about the fridge, either.

But for now, I'd like to thank Freebirds, Whataburger, Souper Salad, China Express, and Cupcake for feeding me during this fridge-less time in my life . . . without which I surely would have starved to death at some point during the past week and a half.


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meghant said...

I love the fridge, but I'm suprisingly hungry after reading about all the places you ate from over the last week. I need to go fix a snack.