Friday, December 07, 2007

R.I.P Tyrant Glasses (1981-2007)

Of course, these aren't the same glasses I got as my first pair of glasses when I was five years old. But they are the last glasses I will ever wear.

Er . . . have worn. I don't need them anymore.

They are representative of a lifetime of glasses, contacts, and really, really, ridiculously bad eyesight.

It's a little piece of me that is gone forever. Kinda weird. Kinda cool.

It's especially weird since things are still blurry today. Everything is ok, according to the doctor who checked my eyes for my follow-up today. It's just weird that I can see some things, but not other things, and I can't put in contacts or wear my glasses to see better.

I just have to be patient with my eyes to get clearer as they heal.

I'm just ready for it to be the end of the first seven days. Because after seven days, I can clear out these disgusting eye boogers that I've got going on here.

Good heavens, the eye boogers are disgusting. And they don't let you clean them out until a week after your surgery.

I'm pretty much not leaving the house until Monday, and at that point everyone will have strict instructions not to look at me.

I'm hideous.


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