Friday, December 28, 2007

Dear Kia Maniac,

I don't really understand you and your Kia Fest "I'm a Maniac" commercial.

All you do is dance around, make those "I'm shooting a gun" hand gestures, and at one point you kinda do some naughty thrusts towards a minivan. It's grody.

Plus, you're all sweaty.

Therefore, please understand that I will never buy a car from you. Truthfully, I don't ever plan to buy a Kia, regardless of your stupid commercial.

But even if I was considering a Kia at this time, I think I would probably change my mind due you being a maniac and all.



meghant said...

Gabriel loves this commercial - he will come running in the room if he hears it. I think he thinks it's funny when they pour the bucket of water on him at the end. Gotta love Flashdance.

The Cynical Tyrant said...

you won't think it's so cute when he runs out and buys a Kia from that guy . . .