Monday, December 03, 2007

I figured out why they make you wear your glasses for a few days before eye surgery.

It's so that you get so frustrated by how blind you are without your contacts that no matter what happens after your LASIK, you are just thankful you don't have to wear your glasses anymore.

I've worn my glasses for the past two days, and let me just tell you. I can't see a doggone thing.

Who made all of these spreadsheets so tiny and full of so many numbers????

Why are street signs so small???

Why are headlights and stoplights so blurry?

I can barely even see my TV screen, which is really the biggest problem of them all.

Only two more days of glasses. If it wasn't going to be SO awesome on the other side of this, I'd be freaking out about my ridiculous blindness.

Let me know if I just typed a bunch of garbled nonsense. I can't really see anything.


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