Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I call it . . .

The Dance of the Eye Drop Delinquent.

I have to put drops in my eyes every four hours until my surgery on Thursday.

I am terrible at drops. TERRIBLE.


I don't really like things coming at, or touching my eyeballs. And even though I am too blind to see the drops coming at my eyeball, I anticipate it. Therefore, I can't stop blinking when aiming the drops at my eyeball.

I also can't see well enough to aim straight anyway. I kind of have to weave and bob around while kind of freaking out at the anticipation of the drop landing in my eyeball.

So I end up wearing a few drops before one eventually gets in my eyeball.

One person told me today that I'm pretty much like a child about the whole thing.

It's true.

Or is it . . . a new fancy dance that I invented called the Dance of the Eye Drop Delinquent.

Not unlike the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, only with less sugar plums and less fairies.

And I'm the delinquent.


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Roberta S said...

CT, I can so relate. I had to put drops in my eyes for six weeks and it was just not possible -- running down my face, spilling unto my nose, splashing on my clothes, etc. But then I discovered that if I pinched and pulled out the skin under my eye and just threw a few drops in there, it worked fine. Mind you, I now have large permanent pouches under each eye, but at least I got those drops in there swift and sound. Might want to try that.