Friday, December 28, 2007

I've never understood the Disney Vault

You know how Disney will show commercials that say you have to buy Lady and the Tramp NOW before it goes back into the Disney vault? I don't get that.

Is there really a vault?

And does Disney think we really believe that if we don't run out right this second and buy Cinderella (I, II, and III . . . apparently), that we'll never, ever be able to own a copy of it after it goes back in the vault?

I fell for this with The Wizard of Oz. And like, a year later they put it on DVD with a bunch of bonus features.

Now I'm stuck with a Wizard of Oz VHS . . . in one of those extra large Disney cases that don't fit on the same shelf with my other tapes.

In my many years of experience (and careful tracking of Disney Vault items), stuff comes out of the vault all the time. And stuff never stays vaulted for very long, either. So why all the drama when things go in or out of the vault?

I'm on to you, Disney Vault.

I will not go out and buy The Little Mermaid tonight. Go ahead and put it back in the vault.

I don't even care.


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