Monday, July 02, 2007

Vacation Progress Report

Even on vacation, I find it hard to stop making myself accomplish things and just relax, or keeping a list of to-dos. Today I've been thinking through everything I wanted to do on my vacation compared to the number of days I have left. Why are vacations never long enough?

European Texas cities visited = 1 out of 3 (but I'm going to Dublin tomorrow, so that will make 2 out of 3)

Number of books read = 1/2 (I had planned to finish 3 books)

Amount of tan and/or sunburn accomplished = 0 (I blame this on the rain that keeps happening all the livelong day, and not on my lack of accomplishment)

Amount of writing accomplished (other than blogging) = 0 (I still have plans to do this. It will be the beginning of my memoir.)

Number of Netflix movies watched = I lost count

Number of doors stained = 1 out of 1

Number of times I thought about Cupcake slaving away at work without me = A few (because it's the thought that counts . . . )

Number of good deeds done = 2 out of 2 (which is probably 2 more than I did last year, so I'm good for the rest of the year)

Number of other random projects that did not need to be done, but I did them anyway = 2 or 3-ish

Number of naps = only 2 (unfortunately)

Number of showers taken = far less than the number of days I've been on vacation

Not to mention, I've barely put a dent in all of the food I bought. I've eaten more meals out of the house than I planned to do. In order for none of my vacation food to go to waste, I will have to eat a WHOLE lot of food in the next three days.

Now I'm all stressed out about the rest of my vacation. Good thing I only have to work one day this week before the weekend. I'll need the break.


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