Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I've been watching the Concert for Diana off and on today. It's been a good pick for a nice Sunday of doing nothing.

I've been off and on intrigued with Princess Diana for like, ever. You know, tragic story, quiet, shy woman plucked from obscurity and forevermore in the world's spotlight, life ended too early. That stuff draws me in every time. I learned today that she was 6'3" in heels. That's real tall, y'all.

I vaguely remember watching some of her wedding on TV when I was but a wee Tyrant. I probably had no idea then who she was or what I was watching, but I'm pretty sure I have memories of sitting on the floor in front of our giant box-of-a-tv-with-that-giant-knob-for-changing-channels . . . watching the Princess Di wedding extravaganza. I see clips of it now and it seems familiar, so I think I must have watching at least a piece of it then.

In college, I taped her funeral since it was on in the wee hours of the morning when I wouldn't be awake. I didn't watch all of it, but I wanted to see what it looked like. The whole thing was so tragic (there's that word again) and bizarre, and of course I figured a royal funeral was something to see. It was during the weeks surrounding her death that I learned more about Diana and all of her humanitarian work. I think college was when I first started actually paying attention to the world outside of my dorm room.

The other night I caught the interview with William and Harry on Dateline (or something). They're like, grown-ups now. Bizarre.

And then today I was reading the paper and flipping through channels (I have to have more than one thing going on at a time . . . ), and there was the Concert. I'd forgotten about it, but it just so happens that I'm on vacation and my big plans for today are . . . nothing.


It's an interesting line-up for the concert. I haven't watched all of it, but I'm sure Diana would have appreciated . . . Fergie. Not the Duchesss. The Pea.

And whether it's for Diana or not, I could watch Ricky Gervais run out of material and have to fill time, anytime, and I would find it hilarious . . . every time.


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