Monday, July 23, 2007

There goes Plinko


THAT guy??

Out of ALL of the people in the entire world, they pick DREW CAREY to take over for Bob Barker on The Price is Right?

I mean, they even passed over the guy who hosted the traveling version of the show. Ladies and gentlemen, Todd Newton:

And so you're telling me that after the Fake Bob, who went to literally almost FOUR cities in the U.S. with the traveling version of the show, the next best option was Drew Carey?

I mean, nothing against Drew Carey himself. I'm sure he is a wonderful fellow.

But is he really The One to carry on the yodeling mountain climber torch? I mean, we might as well just go ahead and send that poor yodeling mountain climber over the cliff every single time for all of eternity. What more has he really got to live for, anyway?

I mean, sure. Maybe I'm a little too emotionally attached to The Price is Right as it has been and always should be: complete with Bob Barker.

See, 35 years of Bob Barker created a cultural powerhouse that blows all other daytime television game shows away. It's just a lethal, and perfect, combination. Nothing will ever compare to The Price the way we have always loved it.

That beady little microphone. The tan that never quit. It's magic, people!

Sure, what really made the show was yes, Plinko. But also, The Bob. It was bad enough when Rod Roddy decided to go ahead and die, which meant he had to leave the show, giving us no choice but to come on down to someone else's voice.

But at least with Plinko and Bob left, the show could still go on while maintaining it's iconic charm and purity.

And now they bring in the guy who based his sitcom in Ohio? There's NOTHING funny about Ohio, y'all.


Will it even be the least bit believable when Drew tells us to get our pets spayed or neutered? Will we want to watch an hour of old ladies planting kisses just underneath those giant black glasses? Is Mimi going to be Carey Beauty?

I don't think I can handle even a few seconds of Mimi in a swimsuit showcasing a jetski. I just can't do it.

The only real value I see here is if he brings Wayne Brady on at the end of every show to sing a medley random songs in front of a green screen with something crazy going on behind him. I would watch that part, especially if that really tall skinny guy is there, too.

You know, the funny one. He could just stand by the big wheel with a funny hat on or something. I'd like that.

I don't know. I'm just having a really hard time with all of this.

They can change the host, if they must. Ultimately, I have no control over this.

But if they go and change Plinko to . . . Dinko, or Stinko, or something REALLY ridiculous, like Drinko . . . I am OUT.



Gmama said...

Yeah - I was pretty disturbed by this decision - although I can safely say I don't know what the right decision was - I just can't picture Drew Carey as the host of the Price is Right.

i am cam said...

Your friends are HOT!