Saturday, July 28, 2007

I hate the Miniature Focusizer

Is anyone else completely disturbed by the Frosted Mini Wheats commercial where the kid is talking to a talking Mini Wheat while she is getting ready for school?

The more I see this commercial, the more questions come up for me about this situation.

Like, the girl's mom is in the background busy doing something, but she is clearly within earshot of her child. So, is she okay with the fact that her daughter is having a conversation with a talking piece of cereal?

And why is the Mini Wheat the one helping the kid pack for school, and not the mother? Clearly the mother is too busy with something else more important, and she has left her child in the care of a tiny piece of wheat and sugar.

How responsible is that?

Then, the Mini Wheat gets all obsessive and insists that the girl takes her new "miniature focusizer" to school with her. Next we see the Mini Wheat in the girl's backpack, talking to her on the way to school.

So not only is the kid taking advice from cereal, she has formed an unhealthy relationship with a controlling piece of food.

And, not only has the mom neglected her child to the point that the girl has turned to cereal as a secondary caregiver, the mom has let her child go off to school . . . carrying on a conversation with sugary wheat.

I mean, does the mom not understand that her child is going to get beaten silly by her friends the first time she opens her backpack to ask her "miniature focusizer" for help to focus on a worksheet during math hour? She's going to be known as the Cereal Whisperer for her entire school career, unless she can find someone who cares enough to get her into therapy, remove her from a neglectful home situation, and quite possibly put her into the Witness Protection Program so she can find a new family who actually cares about her, move to a new school, and assume a new completely cereal-free identity.

Parents, I see this commercial as a wake-up call for all of the deadbeat parents out there . . . NOT as an advertisement for a tasty cereal. In fact, this commercial really paints Frosted Mini Wheats in a bad light, and just a little bit crazy. Is it a hallucinogenic? Is it trying to warp the minds of our children, trying to control the kids to rise up and eventually take over the world??

We need to wake-up and take notice of when our children are so neglected that they are hallucinating love and support from the foods that we eat.

I implore all of the parents all over the world, the minute you notice that your child is interacting with cereal, or with any other food for that matter, we need to step in and take action. We need to teach our children that food is not people.

Cereal is not your friend.

No matter how convincing your Mini Wheats may be, a tiny piece of cereal cannot actually help you get through your school day, or learn anything, or even guide you through a healthy or happy life. And it especially cannot take the place of proper parenting, or healthy friendships.

We have imaginary friends for that sort of thing.



monger187 said...

I had been thinking some of the same things about that commercial. Creepy, unsettling, and disturbing.

a.maria said...

wow. i think you might be taking a marketing idea a little too literally. they're cute little cereal guys ON TV. they're not real. nobody's insinuating that they are. its a commercial!!!

lighten up!

Mike said...

Does anyone have a link to this commercial?