Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I'm pretty sure that's the number of days it has rained in a row.

Today it rained so hard at the office that we all had to freak out for awhile. Rain, thunder, lightning, hail. We all had to run around and stare at the rain, and I won't lie, there were some shrieks of fear at the louder thunder claps.

I didn't shriek. I never shriek.

I have a primo window cube next to a wall made entirely of windows, which on a normal day is quite nice. But when it rains, hails, and with the lighting, it pretty much becomes an instant death trap. I mean, what if a piece of hail hurtled through the window, accelerated by wind, and then lit on fire by lightning, only to hit me in the head while I'm buried in a spreadsheet?

Sure, the hail would probably melt before it did any damage, you know, due to being on fire and all. But, it could happen. And it would leave a wet spot on my desk that I'd probably end up sticking my elbow in, which would get my shirt wet, leaving me annoyed and unhappy the rest of the day.

There was so much sudden rain today that I had trouble getting home after work. Lights were out and traffic wasn't moving. Standing water was, well, standing all over roads. I had to backtrack and take a different route. With gas prices what they are these days, I wish I could bill the weather for these kinds of inconveniences.

I saw new lakes, rivers, and even fjords that weren't there when I passed that way on my way to work this morning.

But when I got home, all seemed well. Albeit very wet. But my bed wasn't on fire or anything, so at least I had that going for me today.

There's not a lot going for me this week. So it's nice to come home to a bed not on fire.


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