Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Tyrant's National Geographic Channel

Seriously, my backyard is like the National Geographic Channel . . . all the time.

Today I noticed that some (ok, A LOT) of ants have taken up residence in my potted petunias. It's like my own personal ant farm.

Not that I ever wanted one. But now I have one.

I was outside quite a bit today, watching the ants. I'm quite baffled at the sheer number of ants in my nice petunias. Which, incidentally, are a lot less nice than they used to be. And I think that's because they are full of ants.

So, as I watched the ants in and around my beautiful blue pot of petunias, I saw something that I'm sure in nature is absolutely extraordinately. Extremely rare. In fact, I believe I have captured on film the FIRST ever . . .

Group of Ants Carrying a Bee UP a Potted Plant of Petunias.

You won't see THAT on National Geographic, I can assure you.

What you are about to see is, in fact, the never-before-seen live footage. Of the ants. With the bee. Today.

Now, it is blurry. But trust me, it is a group of ants carryiing a bee.

You see, nature is unpredictable. Once I noticed this amazing feat of ant strength (clearly it must be Ant Festivus), I went inside to get my camera, thinking this journey of the ants and the bee would quite possible take hours. I had plenty of time.

But when I got back out to the ant festivities, the ants had the bee halfway up the pot already. So I didn't have time to grab my film crew, set up the lighting, and properly frame the shot. I just had to get in there in the thick of it, with my camera, and watch the magic unfold.

Lady and gentleman, I bring you the international debut of Group of Ants Carrying a Bee UP a Potted Plant of Petunias.

I think tomorrow I will train them to live somewhere else other than my petunias. If they survive the couple of pounds of Amdro I loaded into the potted petunia with them.


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