Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Tyrant's European Texas Tour '07 - Part 2

Today's trip was an adventure to Dublin . . . Texas

I decided to try to blend in better with the small town-ishness this time, unlike I did for Paris . . . Texas. So, I chose my camo tank top with my brown cargo pants for my outfit. You know, because camo helps you blend in with your surroundings.

I packed everything into the Jeep that I needed for the trip, including my very Small Friend.

Turns out, she wore camo shorts with a brown tank top. We did not plan this. And so much for blending in. Two girls in camo would definitely NOT blend in.

Our first stop was Starbucks. Because ALL roadtrips should start with Starbucks.

Then we realized we were missing one crucial snack item: Hot Tamales (heretofore known as Hot Ts, named after me, of course). All roadtrips should also have Hot Ts. It's a requirement.

So, we made a stop at the Kwik E Mart to get the Hot Ts. Yes, I said Kwik E Mart. Turns out there is only ONE 7-Eleven in Dallas that was turned into a Kwik E Mart over the weekend to promote the new Simpsons movie. I happened to know where it is.

And yes, one of the employees was wearing an Apu nametag.

After that, we were on our way. And honestly the rest of the day was less exciting than our camo and Kwik E Mart.

The big attraction for Dublin is that they still make Dublin Dr. Pepper, the only Dr. Pepper bottling plant in the world to still use Imperial Sugar in the recipe. It's different than any other Dr. Pepper. So, we toured the plant (10 minutes, and we were the only two people on the tour). I bought Dublin Dr. Pepper, and Dublin Dr. Pepper Beef Jerky (oh yes, I said beef jerky). And we had a Dr. Pepper float.

Then we were ready to go home.

Some other highlights include:

1. Rain
It rained off and on the whole way there and back. Which is odd, since it hasn't rained AT ALL in, like, WEEKS.

2. Juan 3:16
We assume this car refers to the Bible verse, but we're not certain it's not just Juan's address.

3. The world's oldest Dairy Queen tray
We found this at the Dairy Queen in Dublin. Complete with a misplaced exclamation point. Or perhaps it's just an oddly constructed sentence that was popular sentence structure 60 years ago when we think this tray was made.

Fun trip.

Thank you. Come again.


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