Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why I Love IKEA Today

Last night, I was given an IKEA quest to find a rare IKEA fabric. I was so excited about it that I went on my quest today after work.

Unfortunately, they were out of this rare fabric.

BUT, I found LOTS of fun things for myself, so it was still a worthwhile trip for me. And I plan to go back every week at least once a week so that I will one day aquire the elusive fabric. I will not rest....

The most genius thing I bought at IKEA today was this chair:

For one, it's a great chair. I've been casually keeping an eye out for a new desk chair for my office for a long time. Not in a hurry for a new chair, and not wanting to spend much money on the chair, but still having several requirements of the chair.

First, it must roll. Check.
Second, it must be cushy. Check.
Third, it must have armrests. Check.
Fourth, it must be cute and less big than my current chair...... Check.

So, this chair that I bought today met all of those requirements. But that's not the most genius part....

I found it in the As-Is department.

I always wander through the As-Is department at IKEA. I never buy anything there because most stuff there is stuff I don't need, or it's totally trashed. But today, I found a gem.

I found no scratches, no tears in the pleather seat, no dents. The chair rolled. I sat in it and it swiveled beautifully, I found two tiny scratches on the armrest, but only because I was looking for them because I knew SOMETHING had to be wrong with this chair.

But I also noticed that the date on it was today. Which meant this particular As-Is chair was added to the As-Is department THIS VERY DAY! It's a fresh one!

The final criteria is that it's cheap. This chair was half off. Um..... it's pretty much the perfect chair.

Now, it's always risky buying As-Is because you can't return it if it doesn't work out, or if you get it home and discover a giant hole in the back of it that was covered up by the price sticker.

But unless this chair falls apart tomorrow, it seems pretty much genius.

God bless IKEA.


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