Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I might have to break up with M&Ms

And in case you don't know, I do loves me some M&Ms. I'm a longtime fan.

But then I saw this today:

Imagine making those treasured moments you share as a couple even more memorable, personal and unique without saying a word!

MY M&M'S® personalized candies is looking for one special couple who will make an emotional connection with each other by only communicating with words, phrases and symbols on Custom Printed MY M&M'S® Brand Chocolate Candies. After one month of sweet silence the winning couple will be rewarded $1,000 for each day, with a possible total of $31,000 for communicating using only MY M&M'S®.

Um... excuse me M&Ms? What do you have against NON couples? Don't you think non-couple people could use $31,000? Like, to go buy a husband or something...

M&Ms have been my significant other on more than one occassion throughout my life. They've gotten me through a lot of rough times. And now they're all like, "Hey, single people are lame and aren't worthy of our competition, or our candy." It's like telling non-couples to go find another candy to lean on and to love.

But I'm sorry, Snickers could never do for me what a party-size bag of M&Ms can do after a bad day.

Really, it's because they know we single folks could win easily. We don't HAVE to talk to anyone, at all, ever... if we don't want to. We could get by with like, 3 differently phrased M&Ms, and be just fine. They'd be writing $31,000 checks to every non-coupled person in the country.

How awesome would it be to only communicate for a month using M&Ms? I would have the best meetings at work, and I wouldn't have to answer the phone for 31 days.

That's $31,000 worth of awesomeness.



Paul said...

i will do this with you.


ron said...

A husband for $31K. You could get four husbands for that price. And a gardner. (Pun intended)