Sunday, May 20, 2007

I don't understand this

This is the box that goes with the fudge bars I bought today.

They obviously made an intentional effort to portray the guy on the box as a Coach, complete with random headset.

So... really? Coaches are the target audience for Bluebell Fudge Bars?

Or are they saying that you can only eat the Fudge Bars if you are a coach?

Should I only eat Bluebell products that come in a box with a picture of someone that I resemble? What if I don't like what's in that box?

I'm still going to eat fudge bars. And when I finish this box, I will probably buy another box.

I am not a coach, I do not want to be a coach, and I do not look like that guy.


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Dayngr said...

Much to ponder here.