Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day on the Bayou

Went to visit my Mamaw and get in touch with my roots, y'all. Took my parents with me, y'all.

Played nine holes of golf with dad. Since our scores after nine holes were enough to cover all 18 holes, we called it a day.

Then we drove all over Louisiana and much of Mississippi to find enough flowers to plant in my Mamaw's flowerbeds. Seems I garden even when I'm away from home. Fortunately, I had my mom and my uncle as helpers. My dad "supervised". We were done in no time, and Mamaw loved it.

Here's the aftermath:

Wait, don't forget this one.

In honor of Memorial Day, we visited where both of my grandpa's are buried. They both served our country.

My dad's dad is in the Natchez National Cemetary. With all that's going on in Iraq now, it's pretty amazing to visit this place on Memorial Day. The cemetary puts out flags for each grave.

This is just one small section. It's hard to capture all of it on film. There are graves that date back to the Civil War. One of my favorite things about visitng my Mamaw is the history of where my family grew up.

Oh, and the riverboat gambling...

During our historic tour of where my Papaw is buried, we found all to be well.

Jesus watches over him.

As well as this duck (yes, that is the Aflac duck).

And this peacock (yes, there's a peacock in the cemetary).

Other than that, we ate too much food (all of which was from the Fried food group or the Bar-B-Cue food group.... and SO GOOD).

It was a bayou-riffic weekend.

Especially because of the riverboat gambling.

Ok, we didn't really gamble. As you can see from the photo below, my Mamaw is banned from the casinos due to getting in to too many bar brawls at the slots.

You should see the OTHER old lady....

Ok, not really.



Big-Daddy said...

Oh but it wouldn't have turned out so great without all of the Supervision!!

Also, after 2 days in the car - I am glad you found the new SECRET deodorant!

Love ya,
Big Daddy

Gmama said...

You look great! Glad to see you had a good weekend with family.