Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tyrant Product Endorsements

From time to time, the Tyrant uses products. These are some of them.

1. Garnier Nutritioniste - Nutri-Pure Microbead cream scrub

My mom got this for me, and it is genius. Use a couple of times a week and your skin will also be genius. Plus, it costs like, $7.


2. Loreal Sublime Glow daily mosturizer

My mom also got this for me, and it is genius. It's a lotion with a self-tanner included. At first, I didn't notice any difference in the color of my skin. Still pasty white. But after a few days (like the bottle says) it starts to show. And it's not streaky. It does have a bit of the "self-tanner smell". But they all do. Whaddaya gonna do?

Be pale.

I've used it everyday for the past week and honestly, I might have to give it a rest for a day or two because my legs are getting noticeably darker while the rest of me isn't. I've only been brave enough to use it on my legs.

3. Calloways

Not technically a product, although their products are genius. This local nursery has changed my life. It has turned my yard's frown upside down (thanks also to Jesus and all the rain lately). I can spend hours upon hours there, as well as lots of money. And thanks to Calloway's, I can once again spend hours upon hours of time enjoying my yard.

Go there. It's genius.

These are some products I endorse. There are more, but my dinner is ready.

Given time, I am sure the companies that produce these products will hire me as their spokesmodel, and then I will get this stuff for free.

I like free.


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