Monday, May 14, 2007


I listen to my ipod in the car almost everyday, to and from work and just about anywhere I go. I have an iTrip that plays the ipod through my radio on 89.7, an unused frequency perfect for transmitting my very own tunes.

Sometimes the iTrip comes off of the ipod while I'm driving around and I'm hit with a lot of static and the very faint sounds of a spanish-language station. I mess with it and make sure everything is connected again, and all is well. One day I could pick out the classic hymn "Trust and Obey" being sung by a children's choir in spanish.

It was pretty awesome.

One day last week I was driving home from work, happily listening to my ipod in the car, when I came upon one of those annoying advertising trucks that I hate. You know the trucks. They drive around the city with rotating billboards and the sole purpose of advertising something.

They are a danger to society.

As I got closer to this particular ad truck, I noticed that all of a sudden I was listening to a radio ad for The Simpsons and the local CW station. I picked up my ipod, assuming the iTrip had fallen off again, and that I was listening to an ad on what I thought was the High Static and Spanish Childrens Station.

Nope, everything seemed okay. Oddly, though, I noticed that the ad truck was advertising shows on the local CW station.

"What an oddly annoying coincidence," I thought, as I passed the truck. As I went by the truck and got further away from it, my ipod music came back in and all was well.

And then I saw ANOTHER CW ad truck in front of me, getting closer. And suddenly, I noticed that as I was getting closer to the CW truck in front of me, The Simpsons ad was playing again on my radio, drowning out my ipod tunes.

What is UP??!?!?

I was trapped between two CW ad trucks, and I couldn't make The Simpsons go away. The radio ad finished, and then it started over again.....

Then I was close enough to the truck in front of me to notice what was going on. It said on the truck (in not very big lettering, I might add):

"Turn to 87.9 on your FM radio to hear more about CW television!"

It had the exclamation point, as though this was a GOOD thing to do.

However, it neglected to mention that if you are harmlessly minding your own business in your car on the way home from work, listening to your ipod through your radio and you are ALREADY tuned to 89.7, that you will be FORCED to listen to their ad, OVER AND OVER, for as long as our two CW ad trucks have you trapped in between them.

So, now in addition to driving slowly around town, right in front of you, advertising 7th Heaven and The Simpsons practically in your face, these ridiculous trucks have also taken over the airwaves with their One Tree Hill television propaganda.

It's too powerful even for my ipod to overcome while I am within 50 feet of two of their trucks.

There has to be something we can do about this. It was one of the most horrible 2 minutes of my life.


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