Thursday, May 31, 2007

Speaking of the good days....

In a follow-up to my post below, what you are about to see is a product of being willing to do the ridiculous for a bit of attention, and what happens when my coworkers and I have access to the office camera.

I will let you know now that since it's debut yesterday, this video is in high-demand and receiving critical acclaim and rave reviews from literally most of my coworkers. I am letting you view it here, and now, for free.

The footage below was concocted by a coworker of mine, and it was used as part of our company training program this week. I was hand chosen (without even having to audition...) from literally TENS of people to star in what you are about to witness.

The premise is that of an office training video, from the 90s, taking place in a small office in Seattle. We used it as what NOT to do.

Think "Office Space". Think low-budget. Think... spoof.

You'll notice that I play the part of Shawna, demonstrator of Client Services "excellence".

The sound is poor, the video quality even poorer.

It. Is. Genius.

Enjoy.... and I will be available later for autographs.


P.S. This video may only be funny to the 30 people in my office.

P.P.S. The director's notes make it even more hilarious and will make you want to watch it over and over again. For instance, the post-it note on the palm tree says "Water Tree". Hilarious!

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