Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This is it

I've been up, down, and all around looking for the perfect deodorant. I think the search may be over.

Now, understand that I don't profusely sweat during all hours of the day, like, sitting at my cube raining buckets from my pits. I'm just really picky and I want a good product because it's important to me that I am not disgusting or stinky. And let's face it, after awhile deodorants just don't work so good anymore.

Your armpits desire more.

Now, many deodorants have fallen short of my needs simply due to scent. Seriously, who comes up with these scents? And why does every brand of deodorant have a terrible take on Baby Powder?

Seriously, what grown adult wants to smell baby powder every time you make a move that causes a whiff to stir from your pit? Baby powder is good for babies, but not for people. I have no kids. I don't want to smell like I have them.

And now they've got, like, fruit scents. Really? Do you want to stretch, breathe in, and get the sudden urge to go eat watermelon or something?

And is it just me, or are deodorant scents LOUDER these days? Like, oppressively overbearing. I don't particularly want to smell my deodorant over every other scent that I am wearing. I don't imagine other people want to smell my deodorant, either. Let's tone it down, deodorant makers.

So, you get the idea. The first thing I notice about a deodorant is the scent. If the deodorant makes it past the scent test, then of course I test it out for effectiveness and durability.

I've gotten to the point where I have very little tolerance for any wayward pit perspiration. So, I decided to go hardcore and try the new Secret Cllinical Strength.

And after just a few days, it's pretty genius.

1. It works
2. It doesn't smell too weird
3. It goes on mostly clear (little to no white residue)
4. And... you put it on at night, y'all! No more worrying about if I ran out of the house to work in the morning and forgot my deodorant. You put it on at night, and even if you shower the next morning, you're still good (says the box, and after one test run of this, so far so good). This shaves a good 12 seconds off my morning routine. And folks, every second counts in the morning.
5. Since it goes on at night, no worries about it getting on your clothes in the morning! Genius!

1. It costs, like, 8 bucks, y'all. Kinda steep for pit stuff.
2. With only two scents currently available, the options aren't great. 1) BABY POWDER... WHY???, and 2) Fresh. Fresh ain't so bad, but it's not great. And I kinda think "Fresh" smells like watermelon.
3. It comes in a box that would indicate it's a rather large stick (which would be good for $8), but then you open the box and you get this half-size container that makes it smaller than a normal deodorant. It's WAY more box than actual deodorant. Hopefully that is not an indication that it will run out quicker than a regular deodorant. This could get expensive real quick.
4. If you forget to put it on at night, you're in big trouble the next day.

I'll let you know if it makes my armpits, like, fall off or if my pit sweat increases exponentionally and turns blue or something.

I suddenly have the urge to eat watermelon.



Dayngr said...

I have only one armpit that perspires so an $8 deoderant would last me twice as long.

Lynda Walldez said...

I came across your blog from The Weblog Review. Wow, you really do have an entertaining writing style. This post actually made me laugh (those last two sentences were quite comical). And now I want to go try out this new deodorant. I didn't know Secret had this deodorant out until now. Thanks for sharing the pros and cons. I feel good about having a heads up about it now. :D