Sunday, March 23, 2008

That's not my happy place, Nesquik.

The latest commercial for Nesquik says that one sip of Nesquik will send you to your happy place.

So is that guy's happy place really a cartoon hole in his floor? It wasn't there before the sip, so how does he even know that following that Nestle rabbit down the hole is a good idea? But now that he has some Nesquik in him, he thinks, "Wow, I want to go to my happy place. Good thing that hole in my floor just showed up because that's exactly what my happy place is."

Or is there some sort of hallucinogenic in Nesquik that makes you imagine a cartoon rabbit is beckoning you to follow him down a pretend hole in your floor?

And then whatever happens down there, the guy comes back with a Flava-Flav-sized "N" necklace around his neck. Again, implying that this is a souvenir from his happy place.

Is Nesquik also assuming we, as humans, are incapable of finding our own happy places without the help of their chocolatey drink?

I'm sorry, but as a homeowner, I would not appreciate a chocolate milk drink that opens a gaping hole in my floor which then puts a talking rabbit in my house.

I have enough trouble keeping non-talking squirrels out of my house as it is.

Maybe it's just that Flava Flav lives below everyone, and if you drink Nesquik you immediately fall through your floor to an ongoing party at his underworld lair.

No thank you, Nesquik Bunny. I don't need your help to find my happy place. Flava Flav's lair is not my happy place anyway.

I'll stick to water and regular hallucinogens. Like opium.

Or my inhaler.


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