Monday, March 24, 2008

Ow. Ow. Owwwwwww.

I went this morning for the "touch-up" surgery for my right eyeball. After the LASIK on both eyes, the right eye still needs a little help to get to 20/20.

They call it a "touch-up." I call it "torture."

You'd think it wouldn't be a big deal if it's just a touch-up. But this time there was a lot of scraping that was different than last time. And three doctors had told me that it would hurt worse than the first time.

It didn't hurt at all the first time, so I figured "more" would maybe be just a little pain here and there.

Not so much.

Consequently, I've been laying on my couch all day in a lot of pain. I'm sucking down Vicoden and fading in and out of sleep. And putting drops in like crazy.

Turns out my eye is all puffy and stuff. That didn't happen last time.

I'm actually smiling in this picture....

It's my right eye. Can you tell?

Hopefully it's better tomorrow. Because I might be out of Vicoden by then. And that would be really bad.

I don't want any more LASIK. I've had enough, I think.


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